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2014 Winnipeg Contact Improv

two cats flying

2014 Toronto Sunday Contact Improv

2014 Ottawa Contact Improv

Ian! and Karen (c) Moti Zemelman 2010

Ottawa contact improv dance jamming now takes place weekly at the air-conditioned Arts Court studio "B"! Get more Ottawa details on the Ottawa Contact Improv page.

2014 Nov 8 & 9 – Montreal Annual Contact Improv Dance Jam

Association Contact Improv [ACI] presents:
32nd Annual Montreal Contact Improv Jam
Saturday November 8 and Sunday November 9, 2014
Preceded by a week of workshops and performances. Get the details on the Association Contact Improv [ACI] page. Also try a direct link to the 2014 International Montreal Jam page.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Montreal area.

International Events (*)

(*) Not exactly Canada; but, close enough for improvisational purposes.

2014 December – Earthdance New Years Contact Jam

December 28 2014 – January 2 2015 – Earthdance – Plainfield, Massachusetts, USA

Winter Ice

The Earthdance New Years Contact Improv Jam: Frosted air, frozen ground, and blazing fires. As winter swirls outside, we come together on the dance floor to find new connections through Contact Improvisation. Bodies radiate heat, fog the windows, and co-create a weekend of magic, intimacy, and celebration. Workshops, performances, and nonstop dancing ring in the New year with utter joy at our biggest Jam of the year. Registration will open November 3rd at 5pm! This Jam tends to fill quickly, so register early!

Earthdance View

Experience steamy dancing in the umbrella barn overlooking a snow-filled meadow, a blazing New Year's Eve bonfire under bright winter stars, and rituals of renewal and promise. This is one of Earthdance's largest contact jam events – a dynamic, rich, and meaningful way to ring in the New Year, not to mention a great place to decompress after the holidays. If you're new to Earthdance or an old friend, please come join us. All levels of experience welcome.

The Jam is usually full by Thanksgiving (USA), so please register early.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Montreal area.

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