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2014 - Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam

Toronto, Ontario

The annual Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam is being organized in Toronto for 2014. We feed you; we billet you; all you have to do is dance. Follow the link for details. Volunteers welcome.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

2014 Winnipeg Contact Improv

two cats flying

2014 Toronto Sunday Contact Improv

2014 Ottawa Contact Improv

Ian! and Karen (c) Moti Zemelman 2010

Ottawa contact improv dance jamming now takes place weekly at the air-conditioned Arts Court studio "B"! Get more Ottawa details on the Ottawa Contact Improv page.

2014 June 18-22 - Big Heart Dance Camp

UniCamp of Ontario - Honeywood (west of Barrie)

Big Heart Happy People

The annual Big Heart Dance Camp is a multi-arts, intergenerational weekend gathering.

We are a growing community of artists, dancers, musicians, healers, helpers and lovers. Big Heart takes place annually on the third weekend in June at Unicamp of Ontario in Dufferin County. Nurtured and infused by the spirited land, we strive for peace and joy by being together consciously and creatively.

Big Heart reaches a broad spectrum of ages. We welcome singles, couples and families to join us. We have grown from forty participants in our first year, to over seventy-five participants in our fourth year. Our youngest dancer in 2012 was a four-month-old baby and the oldest dancer was sixty-eight-years-young.

Big Heart offers a wide variety of dance, music and other healing arts classes. We also offer Kids Camp!

International Events (*)

(*) Not exactly Canada; but, close enough for improvisational purposes.

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